Don’t cry over spilt milk… unless its Goat’s Milk…

Small boy is allergic to cow’s dairy, but he is also allergic to soya, which would be most people’s first thought for an alternative. Before we resorted to rice milk (which looks like its just that cloudy water you get when you rinse rice), we tried Goat’s milk first- and we are glad we did. He loves the creamy milk, it causes him no allergic problems, and we can get milk, cheese and yogurt from normal supermarkets and even chocolate (see Billy Goat Stuff).

We are already converts to goat’s milk for small boy, but I was pleased to read the following from natural health practitioner Philip Weeks, extolling the virtues of choosing goat’s milk over cow’s milk, even if you have no medical need…

Many people are intolerant to cows milk which can cause all kinds of health complaints such as;

  • Headaches, migraines
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Joint pains
  • Overproduction of mucous
  • Skin problems, such as Acne and especially Eczema
  • Stomach pains, especially in infants

I have seen numerous patients’ health improve when cutting out cow dairy. However it can be initially a little challenging to think of alternatives. There are many substitutes, such as rice milk, oat milk, soya milk and even soya cheese. Although many people have yet to discover the health benefits of goats milk.

Many traditional cultures rely on goats milk to provide important sustenance and when looking at its nutritional benefits its easy to see why.

  • Goats milk is highly digestible, meaning that you will absorb more of the nutrients
  • Not mucous producing in the same way cow milk is Has a high % of calcium, 13% more than cows
  • Very rich in niacin which is important for good circulation and mental health
  • High in Selenium, a powerful antioxidant and anti cancer nutrient

So what are you waiting for…

Philip Weeks is an expert on natural medicine, a master herbalist and traditional acupuncturist. Now, aged only 31, Philip has a new baby boy, born in May this year.  He has an interest in natural health approaches for children, and in natural birth approaches.  He saw first hand how natural approaches could encourage not only a better pregnancy and birth but also a health baby.

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