This is Joe. When he was 3 he ate a peanut and this happened.

Having a child with a severe food allergy can be quite scary, not mention daunting. After such a severe reaction, Joe was tested for sensitivity to other foods and came up as allergic to wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soya. We then spent 2 years trying to feed the poor child.

We are now being treated at St Thomas hospital in London, and we are hopeful that we will be able to reintroduce some of the foods we have avoided for so long- we have already successfully reintroduced wheat.

However, everything we learned is still valid- he still has a potentially dangerous peanut allergy that requires him to carry an epi-pen, and the sheer number of allergies that were identified meant that we had to become very creative.

We hope you enjoy this site- and that you find it useful in your own journey with food allergies.


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