Please Miss, I can’t help my son’s allergies…

Last week I went to see small boy’s headteacher. Not because he was in trouble, but because I was.

Stricly speaking I had done nothing wrong, but I was cross. You see, I had just received a letter from school advising me that small boy’s attendance at school was unsatisfactory, at 91.4% was below the required 94% which meant his education would be affected and could we “work with the school to improve his attendance”.

I was gobsmacked. He has only ever been off school for medical reasons, be it specialist appointments in London, allergic reactions or a particularly virulent attack of impetigo. Which was contagious.

I asked the school what I was supposed to do? I pointed out that when he was off with impetigo I went in to school to ask for some books for him. He is not struggling, in fact quite the opposite, and I resented the implication that there is anything I could do to ‘improve his attendance’.

Never before has it been more obvious that the head has no children of her own, much less one with a health condition.

I was fobbed off with platitudes. I am still cross.