Allergy on the outside as well as on the inside

As you may know, small boy has a dairy allergy (amongst others) but can tolerate Goat’s milk. The other day he and his sister were eating breakfast on the sofa watching children’s TV (it *was* the holidays) when his sister spilled her breakfast.

All over small boy’s leg.

His skin came up almost immediately in red blisters from bottom to ankle, and despite us washing him immediately and giving him anti-histamine, it took a while for him, and his skin, to calm down.

A few hours later, he was complaining that his leg hurt and on inspection, the back of his knee on the affected leg was so cracked and weeping sore, it was no wonder it was hurting him. T obe fair, he complained very little for the amount of pain he must have ben in.

So even three years on, there are still things we are finding out about his allergies- and things that in hindsight we should have known. Hopefully by the time we think we know everything he will have grown put of some more!