Allergic to washing powder?

Small boy has multiple food allergies and eczema, but thankfully does not seem to have any contact allergies- apart from one. Washing powder.

We only discovered this fact when our car broke down and we were unable to get to the supermarket to buy our normal non-bio. We did, however, have some allergy friendly washing products that had been sent to us for review by our lovely friends over at Mums The Boss (you can read the review here).

So we used Alma Win for an extended period while the car was out of action. It was only once the car was back on the road and we switched back to the normal non-Bio that we noticed small boy’s constant rash and itching had returned. We also noticed that if we visited friends or relatives, where he rubbed against fabrics or even toys that had been washed, his skin would come out in a contact rash. The laundry detergent was definitely to blame!

Alma Win provide environmentally friendly organic laundry, dishwashing and cleaning products that can be tolerated by the skin and are in harmony with man and nature. They are also the only laundry product that has been successfully dermatologically tested.

If you have sensitive skin, or are allergic to washing powder, I would recommend giving it a try. We now use the Cleanut laundry product, which contains soap nuts (not actual nuts!!)

Alma Win environmentally friendly organic products have been successfully dermatalogically tested